Depending on the selection of the warranty coverage, iTEKT will reimburse the screen replacement cost up to $100CAD or $200CAD.
iTEKT Mobile Warranty does not cover scratches on the screen, only a broken screen. 
iTEKT coverage lasts one year or two years from the date of purchase of the iTEKT Mobile liquid protector. 
The ITEKT Mobile Warranty is only applicable if the iTEKT mobile liquid protector has been purchased in a retail store or repair shop. 
The warranty must be registered within 30 days after the purchase of iTEKT Mobile liquid protector. Each warranty is only applicable for one device and one consumer. 
Up to two warranties can be registered with the purchase of the iTEKT Mobile liquid protector multiple uses format.
Once registered, the warranty is not transferable to another person.
The iTEKT Mobile Warranty is only valid for a consumer living in Canada excluding the province of Quebec. 
When registering the iTEKT Mobile Warranty, the mobile device must be fully operational and free from any damage or defect on the screen. 
Once the verification of the claim is completed and approved, a confirmation will be sent by email and the cheque will be sent by mail. 
The cheque delivery can take up to 1 month. 
iTEKT reserves the right to refuse any damage claims, especially if the following information and photos are not supplied.

For more information of the iTEKT Mobile Warranty, please email

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